Cheesecake is a family favourite and perfect way to celebrate Summer and showcase the lushious fruits available at this time of of homemade cheesecake

To make things more difficult but more rewarding; here i will be making my own cream cheese and of course picking my own raspberries fresh from the garden.

To make 600g of cream cheese you will need;

A large saucepan, colander,  large bowl and cheesecloth

2 Litres Whole milk

200mls Double cream

1/4 tsp salt

1/8 teaspoon of mesophillic cheese culture – comes freeze dried available via cheesemaking sitesphoto of cream cheese homemade

2-3 drops microbial liquid rennet (vegetarian)

1/4 teaspoon of food grade Calcium Chloride powder (not essential but allows creamier texture)


Warm the milk and cream to 32 Celcius (90 Farenheit) – in this weather – just above room temperature in a large pan

Add remaining ingredients and importantly stir in an up & down motion for 30 seconds with a ladle to combine.

Place in a cool place at room temperature overnight or for 12-14 hours.

Once set – cut into 1 inch blocks and spoon into a colander lined with of curd and whey

This will then need to drain in the colander for 1 hour and then taste, if a tangier cheese is required leave for another hour.

Then gather up the cheesecloth and hang for 12-14 hours over a sink or bowl at room temperature.

You can alter the texture by hanging for more or less time dependent on how creamy / soft you want the cream cheese, also after hanging you can stir in flavour if desired such as herbs or spring onion.

The cream cheese can then be placed into a container and kept in the fridge for up to 10 days.


To make the cheesecake;photo of digestive biscuits for cheesecake base

Take 250g of Digestive biscuits and place them in a sealed bag before bashing them with a rolling pin into a fine crumb before placing in a mixing bowl. Melt 100g butter and add to the crumb. Combine well and the pour into a 18 or 20cm cake tin. Press down well with a fork and place in the fridge for at least an hour to harden,

Next; mix 400g cream cheese with 50g icing sugar and stir well before adding to the buttery biscuit base.



Top with plenty of raspberries and dust with icing sugar!photo of homemade cheesecake