Home made crumpets are easy to make, a little time consuming but lusciously rewarding with melted butter and jam. The origins of the humble crumpet are unknown and they are similar to pikelets, griddle cakes and blinis. Essentially they are leavened, unsweetened cakes eaten widely in the UK served hot with butter seeping through the holes.

They can be made in advance and frozen before being defrosted and easily reheated on a stove or fire pit.

To make 6 crumpets you will need;photo of crumpet batter bubbles rising

125g plain flour

125g strong white bread flour

half teaspoon of dried fast action yeast

175mls tepid milk

175mls warm water

half teaspoon salt

half teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

(metal crumpet rings or metal pastry cutters)photo crumpet ring filled with batter


Mix the two types of flour and yeast. Add the tepid milk (be careful to ensure the milk and water are not too hot as if too hot it will ‘kill’ the yeast)

Leave to prove for 2 hours, you will see the bubbles begin to rise.

Oil the crumpet rings and set on a medium heat in a frying pan

pour 1-2 cm of the mixture into to crumpet rings and cook for 8-10 minutes until set and holes appear in the topphoto cooked crumpet in crumpet ring

Lift off the crumpet rings and turn the crumpet over and cook for a further 2 minutes.




photo of fire pit cooking breakfast